OIFN Reflective Practice Conversation Story: Exploring the Role of Facilitating Change

Conversation held on February 10, 2021

OIFN’s Community of Practice continues to gather regularly for opportunities to grow and learn together and contribute to a greater movement for people living with developmental disabilities.

Emerging from feedback shared at previous gatherings, the theme of this Reflective Practice Conversation created space for participants to learn about and reflect on the relational work involved in Independent Facilitation, particularly how independent facilitators work in relation to other systems and service providers and support people to form and build connections in their neighbourhoods and communities.

56 people expressed interest in participating in this session, with ultimately 29 people participating in the conversation, representing a good mix of people and family members/loved ones, independent facilitators, and other supportive allies. We warmly welcomed many familiar faces, as well as a number of new people who were inspired to join us. The response to OIFN’s
Reflective Practice Conversations thus far has been very encouraging, and we are pleased to know that these conversations are valuable!

This conversation on “Exploring the Role of Facilitating Change” was grounded in the following OIFN Core Belief:

We believe that natural neighbourhood connections and community resources are the first resort for people to learn and contribute in meaningful ways and become known and valued as contributors. People having strong and ongoing relationships based on mutuality and trust is fundamental to genuine inclusion and belonging.

Read the entire Conversation Story here.

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