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Time To Find Strength In Each Other

Isaac Esperanza, 21, lives in a small rural Ontario community withhis family. Together with his parents, Angel and Marie, and his independent facilitator, Belinda, they share the experience of renewed hope and building new community life with enhanced connections, increased confidence, and expanded interests.

The Esperanza family expressed their hope of growing more shared family interests and activities while enriching enjoyment and connections with one another and the community. Building a new connection and collaborative relationship with their facilitator Belinda helped ...

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Road To Relationships

Adam, 27, lives independently in a small rural Ontario community in an apartment building with thirty other people, “a community within a community.” Adam became part of this community in 2015 when he was asked if he would consider social housing. Adam’s parents and one brother also live nearby. Together with the support of his family and Jodee, his independent facilitator, Adam shares his journey of building more authentic relationships and increasing his community participation.

Adam’s openness to trying independent facilitation ...

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I’m now not just an artist sitting at home twiddling her thumbs wondering how I’m going to display stuff. I actually have a piece of artwork up in a gallery.
Trust the process and believe in the power and unlimited resources of community
I don’t want to live in a group home. I want to get married. I want to have kids. I don’t want my disability to hold me back.
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