Reflective Practice Gathering June 13, 2020

OIFN believes “in reflective practice and shared learning through a Community of Practice that engages people with disabilities, family members and/or loved ones, independent facilitators, and other allies, in a collaborative approach, to co-create knowledge and reflect deeply on principles and practice.” 

Though we initially imagined an in-person gathering in spring 2020 to aid that practice, this year has presented many changes in the world as we know it. OIFN regrouped after the COVID-19 outbreak, deciding to bring people together virtually. This Reflective Practice Conversation was OIFN’s first online gathering via Zoom Video Conferencing!

Over 70 people – some new to and some familiar with OIFN – expressed interest, and 35 people were ultimately able to take part in the conversation on June 13. We are thrilled by the positive response to this event, and we are hopeful and encouraged by the opportunities presented to continue to hold rich, meaningful conversations in new ways. 

Reflecting on OIFN’s Core Beliefs, each small group was asked to discuss these values based on their own personal experiences and/or what values are important to the future we want to create. 

Each group then identified and shared 1-2 “light bulb moments” or things that people said that the group found really interesting or really made people think. People left this gathering feeling re-energized, hopeful, courageous, and inspired, knowing that the conversation is not over. 

Feedback received from attendees has demonstrated great excitement for opportunities to gather and “start a conversation that matters.” 
 While this Reflective Practice Conversation was the first virtual gathering of OIFN’s Community of Practice, it will not the last!

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